Thursday, June 16, 2005

atlantic city

On my way out of town at quarter after seven in the morning, a young pump jockey at the gas station on Arkansas Avenue - across the way from the disintegrating, boarded-up rail terminal - told me that he had just been cursed out by an Ohioan who didn't like the New Jersey state law that forbids motorists to pump their own gas. "Losers ain't too polite," he observed. He mentioned that another man had lost $20,000 at Trop World a few hours earlier and had to be dragged out of the casino kicking and screaming. I asked if this happened a lot. "Man," he said, "there's a whole world of losers out there, and sooner or later they all end up here. Only they don't think they're losers. When they find out it's, like, the surprise of their life".

- James Howard Kunstler, The Geography Of Nowhere (1993). p. 238.

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